22 September 2022

Valfredda seminar with Roy Diblik, Terry Guen and Austin Eischeid

The city of Chicago has become an international reference model in the development of sustainable urban landscape projects where architecture, landscaping, gardening and art, designing places to live and not spaces to fill.

Who is the course intended for?

Everyone: students, professional and non-professional gardeners.


Understand the relationships between plants within the plant community, analyze the design practices and management inputs necessary to obtain a high quality result over time with the aim of integrating architecture and sustainable planting in the urban landscape.

  • This event has passed.

Starting from the Millenium Park and the very famous Lurie Garden project, we will analyze the contamination that has also taken place in the other urban spaces where the natural landscape of the place is preserved and enhanced. Together with Terry Guen, Roy Diblik and Austin Eischeid we will make a journey inside this model, discovering together projects, collaborations and relationships that have led to the development of a revolutionary idea of ​​urban landscape.

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