The Valfredda Collection was born from a multi-year research and experimentation work that collects a variety range of herbaceous plants suitable for every type of situation throughout the European territory.


Beyond the collection

The Valfredda cultivation collection was created with the aim of providing professionals with a variety list of robust plants, suitable for professional and safe gardening for every area in which we work. The list of plants we grow goes beyond a mere varietal collection. We choose the best species and cultivars after a long and careful research and selection. The plants are not chosen only on the basis of the type of flowering but for their structure, their shapes and leaves and their colors.
We study the origin of these plants within the terrestrial biomes in which they live and the relationships that intertwine with each other in order to be able to give our customers all the information necessary for the use of each individual variety.

We are working on the new collection, we will soon be online with the new version.

Our cultivation program

Download our cultivation program for the year 2024 with all the varietal indications and the cultivation pots. If you want to receive our price list and conditions of sale fill out the form.

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    The collection

    The Valfredda collection contains a series of technical information on the behavior of the plant. It is not a catalog, it is a technical volume that helps the user in understanding the plant and its use. We are working on the new collection.
    We will be online with the new version in 2021

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